m/m therapy - release. re-balance. restore.
"why m/m therapy?"

 "As a professional cyclist for almost 20 yrs, I've had treatments from lots of different therapists for a chronic back issue and racing performance. Since working with Michael not only has my back been fantastic but my racing and training have been almost flawless."                                                                                                                                                                                      
Matt O'Keefe / www.cannondale.com/riders/matt_okeefe/ 

m/m therapy
provides proven support
for achieving your performance goals...

Whether you’re experiencing injury-limiting movement or simply want to improve your physical performance...
Beginning with a postural and movement screening, we identify the issues that are keep you from realizing your maximum performance

Our integrated approach then carefully blends a personalized and comprehensive array of Active Release Technique®, the latest Sound Assisted Tools, Class III Cold Laser and Therapeutic Massage along with corrective exercises and the proper stretching techniques to ensure that your performance goals are attainable and sustainable.

From secondary school and university-level athletes
to adult, amateur competitors and enthusiasts, we deliver a 
personalized and practical program
that will increase performance, 
prevent pain and produce the results you want.


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