m/m therapy - release. re-balance. restore.
"I strongly recommend massage whether you’re injured or trying to prevent an injury. As a distance runner, Muscle Therapy not only helped to get through this one injury..it has made feel stronger and less injury prone...the results speak for themselves.”                          
Millie Chapman,  Collegiate Track
Deep Tissue Massage
Muscle Therapy offers a range of massage services for therapeutic and relaxation purposes. Our approach focuses on a blend of bodywork techniques combined with specific corrective stretching to help you improve your range of motion, strength and movement. Sessions begin with postural and movement screening followed by your individually designed program that can also include


Deep Tissue and Sports Massage 
Swedish and Hot Stone Massage
Muscle Activation and Stretching Techniques

              Benefits of Massage Include...        
      Reduces pain
        Prevents injury
            Releases negative holding patterns from old injuries
            Increases metabolism
            Enhances muscle tone
            Stimulates muscle nerve supply
            Promotes skin rejuvenation and elasticity
            Stimulates circulation
            Reduces joint inflammation
            Improves immunity

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