m/m therapy - release. re-balance. restore.
"Michael helped me train for 6 months to prepare for the US Marine Corps Marathon and thanks to him, coming off of 3 children in 5 years and patella knee surgery, I was able to reach my goal of beating a previous PR and finishing in Sub4. 
Everything Michael does is with intention-. His innate understanding of the musculoskeletal relationship to physical endurance and strength is what sets him apart .
 As a result, you finish the race not only intact, but strong."

Corrective Exercise

    Imbalances in muscle strength and flexibility can result from 
    specific incidents, overuse, repetitive motions and poor posture
Physical activities like sports or excercise
can actually reinforce these imbalances...

       Pre-hab is Better Than Rehab 

  Individualized programs include specifically designed stability and strengthening exercises 
     as well as overall and specific flexibility strategies designed for pre and post exercise 
         to help activate core stabilization, improve strength and restore range of motion.
      Fitness and corrective exercise
         Core conditioning and postural alignment
         Muscle energy therapy, activation and stretching
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