m/m therapy - release. re-balance. restore.
Michael Mascioli, LMT, PES, ART

Michael is a Performance and Movement
Structural Therapist with over 17 years of experience.

A licensed massage therapist, Michael studied
Structural Integration with Tom Myers and then completed the Full Body Program with A.R.T.. 

Michael trained with Jim McCormick, one of the founders of Zero Balancing, and Dr. Kerry D'Ambrogio in his Osteopathic based treatment. 

Additionally he trained with David Graston in the use of his fascial release tools as well as The Barral Institute 
in Visceral Manipulation.

An NASM Certified Performance Specialist, 
he trained with Gray Cook in Functional Movement Screen 
and in Select Functional Movement Screen 
     with Dr. Greg Rose of the Titieist Performance Institute. 

He recently completed the Level II course of study with Dr. Antonio Stecco 
in Stecco Method Fascial Manipulation, a clinical research based cutting edge approach
to treating chronic and short term movement and pain issues. 

Michaels' work employs and combines his multiple skill sets
to clinically assess clients with intuition and experience,
helping individuals restore functional capabilities, freedom and ease of movement,
reduce pain and discomfort, and regain strength, balance, and flexibility. 


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